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Up Camps Hikes Chief Scouts Award


scouts01.jpg (42755 bytes) Shane, Gary, Donald, Mark, Gary, Shane, John & Simon at Lough Dan Adventure Centre
scouts02.jpg (36205 bytes) Donald & Shane get the dinner going at the Smythe Cup finals last August.
scouts03.jpg (35048 bytes) Feeding time at the zoo for Gary, Simon, Gary, Donald, Mark, Shane, Shane & John
scouts04.jpg (28624 bytes) Do we have to go to bed after our tea?  Shane is about to ask a question...I can feel it!!!
scouts05.jpg (31842 bytes) Simon and the two Shanes just hanging around
scouts07.jpg (27345 bytes) The three cooks: Paul, (who ... is) Alice, Andy spoiling the broth
scouts08.jpg (232290 bytes) Rathgar & Newry join forces for a trip to Alton Towers during Sherwood '98.
scouts09.jpg (113935 bytes) The opening ceremony at Sherwood '98 where the orgsnisers just gave themselves a good pat on the back.
scouts10.jpg (40818 bytes) I'm singing in the rain. Arru-cha-cha...Arru-cha-cha...Arru-cha-cha-cha.
scouts11.jpg (48233 bytes) The leaders: Andy, Gavin & Paul in the cablecar in Alton Towers.   This photo now sits in Paul's apartment in Paris. Ahhhhh.
scouts12.jpg (36679 bytes) Alan & Ralph (the usual suspects), Mark, Karl & Gary enjoying some light refreshments on our way to Sherwood 98.
scouts13.jpg (46229 bytes) Everyone going canoeing in Lough Dan in Christmas 98 in the freezing cold water.  Were we mad?
scouts15.jpg (56156 bytes) The whole troop at Sherwood '98!  I wonder how long it takes to change the trees to say 2000...or does it say 00?
scouts16.jpg (43259 bytes) Lough Dan, the site of Smythe Cup '99.
scouts17.jpg (40554 bytes) Don't Look Down.......on Oblivion in Alton Towers!